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Designs for flowing user experiences                                                                                                              p.2

space Healthcare Software Login space Healthcare Software Screen

KC Software Corporation

Intro web and mobile, into a new healthcare mrkt.. Reduced page arch. by 15% and nailed design & UI code, in first rounds.

  • usability
  • page architecture
  • design
  • creative direction
  • ui code

zoom login     zoom table

space Sprint mobile shopping cart via 'upgrade my phone' space Healthcare Software Screen


- Initiated designs for mobile e-commerce
- Redesign 'email us' to reduce user support
- Initiated design for online buyback

  • usability
  • page architecture
  • concept
  • PET design

zoom mobile     zoom email us
space Hallmark Christmas space Hallmark Halloween


Total redesign with seasonal emphasis. Worked with Hallmark designers and IBM project managers.

  • ui liaison
  • wire frame
  • site imagery
  • front-end code

zoom xmas look    zoom halloween look
space DAAD.org Web space DAAD mobile


ReadyPortal CMS hired us to redesign DAAD.org site and designed mobile

  • pc redesign
  • mobile design
  • flSH
  • icons

visit pc site   zoom mobile site
space NMU web software inbox space NMU web software payment screen

Student Finance Center

The client provides web software to colleges. The Finance Center allows institutions to customize graphics and css.

  • design
  • info architecture
  • usability
  • front-end code
  • branding
  • ui customization

zoom beta screen     zoom pay screen
space LVCO Homespace LVCO secondary page


Worked with McGuire Marketing on site to attract residents to Leavenworth County, the fastest growing county in Kansas.

  • brand
  • architecture
  • logo
  • design

visit site
space Style and Send My Cards, home design space Style and Send My Cards, card editor design

Style & Send My Cards

Retail greeting card site with card editor and recipient mailing. Web software sold to affiliate sites, ex. Easter Seals.

  • ui design
  • usability
  • flash
  • info architecture
  • branding
  • front-end code

visit prototype     visit editor     zoom logo
space SSC Card Description - Screen space SSC Card Editor - Screen

Style & Send Info. Arch.

Info. arch. of site maps, screen details, and storyboards. Unique feature of card editor has photo and message editing.

  • card display
  • card editor
  • check-out
  • FLASH storyboards
  • account

zoom description    zoom editor


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